Secondary Market Maker                                                                                                            is an online market place for buying and selling real estate loans.

We act as a loan sale advisor, specializing in trading commercial real estate loans.

The company is an industry leading online portal for buying and  selling commercial real estate loans. Loans offered range from performing and sub-performing, to distressed and non-performing.

Transactions are conducted on a “negotiated” basis as opposed to sealed bid or auction format. feels that this structure is the preferred method by most buyers and sellers, allowing for a broader range of participants on both sides of the transaction. Sellers are not forced to take an unrealistic offer. Buyers are able to negotiate directly on individual loans without the uncertainty associated with sealed bid or auction formats. focuses much of its efforts in the Regional and Community Banking sector, helping to centralize what the company founder, Barry Smith feels is a highly fragmented market, stating; "There is not a single "go to" location or Source at this point in time if you are a Seller or Buyer of commercial real estate debt. These institutions are in need of a service to expose their loans in an efficient manner."'s online marketplace offers Sellers a safe, reliable process to maximize exposure and quickly gauge market interest for their loans.  Buyers can utilize and its efficient process to review potential acquisitions. This process provides premium execution for both sides.

LoanSaleCorp has a solid investor base comprised of commercial real estate professionals which includes principal buyers, institutional funds, licensed commercial real estate brokers, and financial intermediaries. We have the pulse of the current market players and can expose deals to the right buyers.

Registered Buyers and Intermediaries are able to view preliminary non confidential information from our Inventory page. If interested in a particular loan, buyers are able to perform complete file due diligence online once a Confidentiality Agreement has been executed.

Principal Buyers, Brokers, and Intermediaries are welcome  to register on our Registration page.  Once registered, they will receive notification via email on new deals as they become available. 
Sellers are able to directly place imaged documents onto our secured portal with relative ease.